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Case Study - Concern FAST

Client Overview

Each year, thousands of people around Ireland join Concern Worldwide in the Concern Fast. During the Fast, people give up food for 24 hours and raise as much money as they can for some of the world’s poorest people. One aspect of this campaign is an online element, where registered fasters can get their own online profile page. Through this, they are able to take sponsorships and return any money that they have raised offline directly through the site.

What They Needed

First and foremost Concern needed a website to compliment their FAST campaign. This website had a number of complex requirements including the ability to communicate in realtime with a 2-way synchronisation between a backend customers service interface used by their telemarketing team. The site needed to be able to take donations using credit cards, and provide users with their own personal online fundraising pages.

How SystemSeed Helped

SystemSeed built the Concern Fast website with Drupal 6, CiviCRM, a rather large handful of community contributed modules and of course, a selection of custom modules to facilitate the specific needs of the campaign. A detailed case study was published on the homepage of drupal.org and can be read at https://drupal.org/node/629860.

The Benefits

The Drupal 6 site built for the 2009 Concern Fast campaign has serviced the campaign's needs very well for over 4 years. Each year, only minor changes are need in order to relaunch the campaign such as a visual overhaul, and updates to content. Many of these changes can be carried out by Concern's own staff members. The SystemSeed team have an intimate knowledge of every aspect of the Fast campaign and use this to help guide Concern to success year after year. This allows Concern to focus more on getting people involved with the campaign, and less about the details of the underlying technology and infrastructure.


  • Online fundraising system.
  • Realtime 2-way communication with back end systems (via SOAP interface).
  • Reusable web platform that can be repurposed and rebranded every year with minimal effort.
  • Ongoing support, maintenance, and development services.