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Case Study - Fullcube

Client Overview

Fullcube's people and technology enables high affinity brands to enter the subscription economy. Its platform provides a one-stop shop for sports, entertainment and publishing brands to pull its consumers into a new type of financial relationship - a recurring relationship that allows them to deliver new types of value in the form of content, experiential, and deals/discounts.

What They Needed

Fullcube sought a team of Drupal professionals to take their standalone and outdated Drupal based products to a new level. They required a consolidated and standardised distribution platform that would enable scale and replication. A single distribution powering multiple similar sites would enable Fullcube a more cost-effective and consistent approach to delivering features and day-to-day support of subscription programs.

How SystemSeed Helped

SystemSeed helped fullcube to see the value in consolidating and standardising their various client's sites onto a single unified platform. We started by analysing each of the existing Drupal 6 websites and identifying common functionality and areas of overlapping features. We used this information to build a new Drupal 7 based distribution and installation profile, with a series of standard features that could be enabled and customised for each individual site's needs. A cluster of high availability and high performance cloud servers was instantiated to power the platform, hooked up with multiple testing environments and an automated Selenium test suite. All of the old Drupal 6 websites were relaunched on the new Drupal 7 platform and SystemSeed continues to evolve the platform, adding new in-house features and functionality as well as integrating with third-party systems for maximum exposure.

The Benefits

Fullcube's high profile clients such as Hot Rod Magazine have migrated to Fullcube's new Drupal 7 platform. This allows Fullcube to develop new features once, and roll these out to all of their clients at once. This also enables Fullcube to focus on developing their platform and product offering as a whole rather than spending too much time on the individual needs of any one client. All of its platform's features are reusable, and fully customisable directly through the administration interface. The Drupal distribution and installation profile based approach allows Fullcube to rapidly onboard new clients with minimal effort.


  • Successful large scale Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 migration of numerous high profile brand websites.
  • Single platform to power multiple websites.
  • High performance and high availability cloud based infrastructure.
  • Help Fullcube rapidly on-board its new clients.
  • Ability to focus on platform-wide improvements that all client websites can benefit from.