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Community Work

The Drupal community is dependent on active participation by skilled developers to ensure continual growth and improvement, but also integrity of existing code. The SystemSeed team is extremely active in the development and maintenance of widely used open source modules and distributions.


The SystemSeed team are authors and maintainers of over 100 Drupal modules that have been made available to the open source community and published on drupal.org, including popular modules such as Bean, Rules, Media and Environment Indicator.


Panopoly is powerful base distribution of Drupal powered by lots of Chaos Tools and Panels magic. The distribution is designed to be both a general foundation for site building and a base framework upon which to build other Drupal distributions. SystemSeed co-maintains the distribution along with Pantheon and others from the community.

Open Academy

OpenAcademy is a Drupal distribution that brings the best in web publishing for higher education on a customizable Drupal platform. This distribution is a flexible, extendable package that lets university departments run fully functional, polished websites straight out of the box.