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An engaging LMS for real people with real needs.

What is Anu?

Anu is an engaging social LMS focused on impactful learning. With years of carefully considered UX and market research baked in, Anu allows education institutes and corporations to replicate all the best parts of bricks+mortar orgs at zero start up cost.

Scalable & Customisable

ANU is the backbone of a community made of learners and teachers. This LMS can propose solutions based on existing examples/templates coming from other organisations, teachers and students. This makes this System adaptable and constantly evolving to fit with current student and teacher’s expectations, as each of us has been learning at some point and can tell that the learning needs to be adapted to the student in order for him the make the best out of it.

Bleeding edge tech

The Anu distribution is built in Drupal 8 with APIs at its core fully decoupled with ReactJS on the frontend. Using this tech stack combines the beauty of fully customisable frontends for your unique needs while leveraging a powerful community frequently updating the platform, without breaking your functionality.

Built as Open Source Software

Our work, yours for free. No license, no tie-in. Customisable at all levels without compromise. Or community has 10s of thousands of developers focused on Drupal and ReactJS, helping organisations like yours become more powerful and successful and reduced cost. SystemSeed is also committed to provide a good support and help to any organisation or person intending to make use of this new LMS and its community.

Features and Details

Simple & Intuitive

ANU Benefits from its outstanding UI (User Interface). The simplicity of ANU coupled to its intuitiveness makes this LMS one of the most accessible on the market, mainly regarding learners and administrators’ UX (user experience).

Social Learning & Collaborative

ANU provides users with different tools such as live chat, group messaging, comments, etc. These features enable people to communicate while studying and consequently, enhance their learning thanks to collaboration.

Personal development emphasis

The notebook feature was integrated in order to make sure students were able to take notes while learning, making these notes accessible and retrievable anytime from anywhere.

Asynchronous Learning

People are different and therefore require self-paced learning processes for an optimised experience and results. ANU was well thought by our staff to make sure each student can follow his courses at the speed wanted.

Responsive Design

With an increasing number of devices on the market, each system should be optimised to make sure the UX is outstanding on each screen. ANU is fully responsive on all kinds of devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Content Authoring

With ANU as a LMS, Teachers can add their contents, make sure they are recognized as authors, as well as users can learn from this content and know where it comes from.

Make technology work for Learning.


Get started quickly and easily

Either have your IT staff download and install from our Github repo, or email us at [email protected] to get your install performed by us.

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SystemSeed is one of the best agencies I’ve worked with… They’re very flexible, and they understand what we need as an organization and translate it into a technical solution

- Elena Sarmiento

Head of Digital, Concern Worldwide UK

Our Pricing Plans.

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      Install, customise & support

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      You are ambitious and have grand goals we can help you with. This is best for when you know there is technical development and design services needed along with annual support

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