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Why SystemSeed

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SystemSeed is a focused service provider of Drupal site development, Drupal site support and management, and Drupal training. Our target partners and clients are organizations that recognize Drupal as being a leading open source content management system, and seek a partner with expertise and a proven track record in support of the Drupal platform.

The SystemSeed team includes some of the most active contributors to the Drupal community who are passionate about technology and understand the open source CMS landscape.

With offices in both the United States and Europe, and team members distributed around the globe, SystemSeed is positioned to help global clients solve the most challenging problems when it comes to managing web content.

In a snapshot, SystemSeed is:

  • Maintainers of 2 prominent Drupal Distributions.
  • Authors of 40+ widely used Drupal modules.
  • Key contributors of many other Drupal modules.
  • Active contributors to the Drupal community.
  • Expert speaker at global Drupal events.

Why Drupal

Drupal is an incredibly versatile content management platform with a vibrant ecosystem that surrounds it. What started out as a dorm-room project has quickly grown into one of the largest Open Source projects in the world and now powers over a million websites, many of which are high profile, enterprise scale and mission critical.

Modular, robust architecture.
The Drupal platform provides a solid and stable product that powers over a million websites. Through the Drupal development community, an endless array of modules and plugins are available to extend Drupal in any way imaginable.

Users, roles, permissions, and workflow.
With a very strong and flexible roles and permissions system, we develop Drupal systems that empower staff to see and do what is required within their role and leave executive or technical staff to access other areas within the system. Examples of these roles might be: Editor, Manager, Store Manager, Donor, Fundraiser and Reports Manager.

Reuse and redeploy.
We try to keep all of the developed functionality and features agnostic to any one site or specific use case, and the platforms that we build are capable of powering multiple sites, each with the ability to override aspects of the base functionality as well as defining new features unique to its specific needs.