Learning management for every scenario
  • Highly flexible
  • Mobile-compatible
  • Multilingual

Put your training online, and directly into the learner's hands

Easy for admins and users

Intuitive and smooth for learners. Simple and powerful for admins.

Learning content & quizzes

Clear content organization. Interactive questions.

Offline functionality

Download content for later when internet connectivity is low.

Highly customisable

Adapt and extend to suityour needs - including new UX and design.

Works on low-spec devices

The same excellent experience on the latest iPhone or an old tablet.

Multi-lingual ready

Content and navigation, are translatable - inc. right-to-left scripts.

A tour of MHPSS MSP, built on ANU LMS

SystemSeed worked with us to develop an extensive web platform, mobilizing their talented team of developers and designers to organize a lot of complex information in an interactive, accessible and engaging way.

MHPSS MSP Project Manager
Get started quickly and easily

Get the most out of ANU LMS with our help. Email us at [email protected] to discuss your needs.

Get the right plan that suits you.
Our plans are designed for beginners and Drupal geeks.
Open Source
For those experienced in Drupal development
  • Full repository
  • No charge
  • Install and set up on your own hosting
  • Community support
For a fully customised ANU-based platform
  • Add custom features
  • Unique design
  • Integrate with your systems
  • Full support
  • Managed hosting
Off the shelf
Ready-made. Learning content and quizzes
from $30/month
  • Ready to go
  • Just add your content and quiz questions
  • Works as an app and a website
  • Optional custom domain
How scaleable is ANU LMS?

Thousands of users can access ANU LMS sites at the same time. We've designed it that way so that you deliver to your learners at scale.

What type of learning can ANU LMS be used for?

You can teach just about anything using ANU LMS. In fact, it's not just for learning content. Our clients have even used it for online handbooks, and guided interactive support programmes.

Who built ANU?

ANU was built by SystemSeed in partnership with Krengeltech. SystemSeed is a specialist digital agency working with social impact projects and organisations - mainly using Drupal.

What does it mean that ANU LMS is open-source?

Open-source means that the base code for ANU LMS is freely available. Developers can download it and customise it, and can also contribute to the code - enhancing it for all ANU LMS clients.

Get started quickly and easily

Get the most out of ANU LMS with our help. Email us at [email protected] to discuss your needs.