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What We Do


Expert guidance from industry thought leaders

Successful projects require a strategy built and agreed on by a team. We offer to lead workshops and business modelling sessions. These draw on our decades of experience to form well structured roadmaps with pragmatic and shorter term action items aligned with your long term vision.

The skills at hand to help shape your strategy are in industry research and understanding, user research, user experience (research and planning) and Hypothesis Driven Design (HDD). This is a scientific method taught at Harvard Business School to plan and execute on low risk experiments to build business intelligence and data..

Our business acumen for strategy formation comes from our history working for NFPs, Fintech, Government and Enterprise alike.

We don’t do Agile. We are Agile.

We transform Waterfall organisations into practicing Agile (where needed). We also educate and train Agile organisations to perform better and help them continue to progress.

We offer to practice and train Agile in the forms of Kanban, Scrum, Xp and more.


Visual and interactive

Stories sell ideas – a good story should be presented in such a way to drive emotive connection. We design and build solutions that help drive powerful narratives. Our designs create pleasure based on intuitive useability and interaction, to make well considered products fun and easy to use.

Our core design skills cover everything from investigation, paper sketching and lo-fi wireframes all the way through to high-def digital concepts and frontend prototyping in the most bleeding edge interactive technologies. Our team has deep and wide ranging experience in user experience (UX) research and design, app design, web design, graphic design and branding. Tools we love right now include Adobe CC, Sketch, and Zeplin, among others.

For SystemSeed, good design means good universal principles and practices. We work to foster a culture of attention to detail, curiosity, introspection, and the establishment of honest and open dialogue between all team members and stakeholders.

Transparency throughout the design process keeps stakeholders in the driver’s seat and ensures seamless integration of design into the development cycle. As a result, we’re all pulling in the same direction, with a consistent common goal: the creation of the best possible product for our clients and their users.


Quality over quantity

Our technical staff consist only of senior developers, hand picked from the world’s top 5% of global talent for backend and frontend skills alike. Our team members are employed to be client facing throughout. We aim to be the experts in the room to drive the results you need.

Removing the dreaded project management bottleneck between you and our Agile team allows us to problem solve in the moment, rather than developers receiving instructions and being expected to work in a black box until delivery.

We built Drupal, its security patches and most regularly used modules alongside the wider community. As we know the code inside and out, this puts us head and shoulders above the average agency. Our developers all speak, teach and write on the subject of technology to audiences large and small.

Our technology excellence includes (but is not limited to): Drupal, ReactJS, Node, Github, CircleCI (Continuous Integration), Jenkins, Selenium, Codeception, Docker, Composer, Vagrant, AWS, VPNs, Linux.


There whenever you need us

It is sad to say that many development agencies build solutions and then fail horribly in the area of support. We prefer to Build and Run, rather than “Build and Run Away.”
Both our development and our maintenance contracts cover Long Term Support through our standard Service Level Agreement (SLA). We find that this keeps our clients happy and in many cases working with us for 6, 7, 8yrs+

Our USPs regarding support include:

  • Round the clock support for all urgent issues as defined in the SLA
  • Direct communication through your preferred technology, typically Skype or Slack. Not another annoying ticketing system.

Our Work

SystemSeed is one of the best agencies I’ve worked with.
They offer services beyond development, including UX, along with quite a bit of support to help your business.

Elena Sarmiento
Digital Communications Manager, Concern Worldwide UK

Who We’ve Worked For

 United Nations
 Concern Worldwide
Médecins Sans Frontières
Global Impact Investing Network
Jillian Michaels
Government of the Bahamas

Our Open Source Contributions, by the Numbers:

Years in digital
Years in digital
Drupal Commits
Drupal Commits
Websites running our code (countless!)
Websites running our code (countless!)

Who We Are


We have your passion at heart. We feel what you feel and know that is the only way to build long term relationships. For that reason we hire for character and cultural fit as much as technical ability.

Our team consists of a dozen of the most professional and caring individuals brought together in harmony to serve our clients.

Meet The Team

Our Values & Company Culture

Built on the Ben & Jerry’s model, we aim to support our staff to the best of our abilities while following our company vision of changing the world through social impact projects.

Of course all businesses need to be sustainable and so we accept work from enterprise as we do from charities - it just so happens the skills learned in one sector often apply to the other!

Deep down we all want to change the world and so have a company structure similar to a B Corp where we keep our passion at the heart and soul of all we do.

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