Since 2009, SystemSeed has been using technology to help high-impact organisations achieve big ambitions.

As a team, we’re about technical excellence and working with clients whose values we admire.


Let’s see each other ASAP. In person or an online meeting, either works. We want to get to know you.


Have you already got a brief or tender document? Send them over! If not, we can help with that.


Through research, discussion, or one of our deep dive workshops, we get to the heart of your needs.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

You’ll get a prototype to see how the final solution will work - whatever we’re working on with you.


We like to make sure everything will work as it should, so automated and human testing is vital.


Based on test and MVP feedback, together we’ll define what’s next and create and test that too.

That’s how we run Agile projects, but our approach to agility offers much more to our clients. We can scale up or change direction very quickly, and bring in new expertise or techniques almost instantly, this is true business agility.

If you want some help in making it happen in your social impact organization, let us know.

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