We share a common belief - to change the world around us. That is what makes us a true team

At SystemSeed we focus on people. Collectively we are the human, driving force of the organisation. We empower our staff to lead a culture whereby we support each other personally and build strong bonds to achieve greatness together professionally. We take pride in training and growing talent which benefits both our company and that of our clients. Let's get acquainted ...

Anthony Fox-Davies
Anthony Fox-DaviesCEO
Everyone’s first conversation with Anthony will cover personal values, goals, ambitions and passion. He leads by example by putting his whole into every task and supports the team, not to work to pay bills but to achieve their dream and shape their roles to be happy in their daily lives. Anthony set the company vision to use technology as a tool for social impact and change people’s lives. He invites the whole team to discuss the business roadmap and how everyone can help form it and improve it.
Evgeniy Maslovskiy
Evgeniy MaslovskiyCTO
Ev is an expert architect with a broad reach of duties and talents. With a strong following as a community leader in Drupal and open source, Ev is responsible for direction and leadership when it comes to both innovative and tried and tested technologies, tools and services. Ev works within client projects as well as in the background for deep understanding of all we do at SystemSeed.
Tamsin Fox-Davies
Tamsin Fox-DaviesHead of Growth
Kate Marshalkina
Kate MarshalkinaTech Lead
Kate is nothing short of perfect. She works tirelessly to inspect client project goals and is often key in translating business value into technical solutions. She recently revealed in an interview she feels deeply connected to her work and the impact her results achieve. This is the highest quality a well performing developer can operate at.
Sergey Korzh
Sergey KorzhSenior Developer
Sergey has such a strong grasp of Agile processes and self-organisation that he is often empowered to build and maintain whole projects standalone. His client facing skills are sharp and so can operate within lean teams of limited resources while still delivering spectacular results. Sergey is a huge Open Source proponent and hosts regular technology events where he educates peers within the industry at all levels.
Chris Nater
Chris NaterFull Stack Developer
As a passionate technologist with a sharp instinct for actualizing client requirements, Chris has a wide breadth of experience across various software stacks and businesses in both public and private sectors. As a staunch advocate for social and environmental justice, working with SystemSeed allows him to execute directly on these values daily. When he's not coding, he can be found playing a certain magic trading card game.
Pavel Bulat
Pavel BulatFull Stack Developer
Incredible developer with big ambitions supported by unlimited work power. With an open mind and a huge heart, Pavel is always ready for a good challenge!
Marcus Bointon
Marcus BointonSystems Administrator
Marcus is a genius. No hyperbole, just a fact, Marcus is often the smartest mind in the room on matters of Operating Systems, Networks, infosec and GDPR. He deftly simplifies the gap between technical and non-technical people and has regularly raised the bar in our client organisations as to how tasks should be approached and completed henceforth. He is an invaluable asset to team.
Mandeep Locham
Mandeep LochamEducation Strategist

Mandeep is a true professional. With a long history in academia her enthusiasm for learning and reteaching never subsides. Mandeep has helped form strong team research practices and develop business intelligence for clients based on the education industry. Her operation as an industry expert in the field of education became a pivotal role in projects within that sector.

Elise West
Elise WestUX strategist

With a career touching on major household brands and Fortune 10 companies, Elise builds a bridge between conceptual business vision and applicable steps to achieve measurable goals. She is driven by evidence gathering and developing business intelligence centering on user research and interaction. A true champion of hypothesis-driven design thinking as made famous through Harvard Business School, Elise is as comfortable sitting in the boardroom as around a table of developers and designers alike.

Emma Carres Davies
Emma Carres DaviesSalesforce Administrator
Emma has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and continually exceeds expectations as someone who improves herself relentlessly. She is also keen to develop those around her and build strong teams through leading staff training and knowledge sharing as required. Now a salesforce expert, Emma has previously spanned the mind of the customer and the business, blending the needs of both to achieve difficult KPIs herself and as a team leader.