A company is nothing without a dedicated team
We are incredibly fortunate to have leading experts in the industry working with us.

With an oath of never compromising on quality we recruited passionate people who think the same way.
Our Global Experts
"I am lucky enough to work with some of the smartest people in the industry. My job is to empower them and step out of the way."
Anthony Fox-Davies
"I create open source software which can truly help the world when in the hands of the right people."
Evgeniy Maslovskiy
"Build it, test it, run it, support it, improve it.

I have cats who help me."

Kate Marshalkina
Systems Architect
"Let's change the world through pragmatic approaches to building quality software."
Sergey Korzh
Senior Developer
"I'm passionate about cultivating harmony in form, function and content."
Luke Shahinian
Design Lead
"Alliances make all organisations sustainable. Only by sharing resources and knowledge can we transform the world for good."
Annette Kramer
Senior Consultant
"Teaching clients how to be lean and work towards effective, measurable MVPs through hypothesis driven design"
Elise West
UX Consultant
"Good marketing is an engaging conversation that draws the right people in"
Tamsin Fox-Davies
Marketing Consultant
Want to join us?
We are currently recruiting for senior Drupal developers, those with ReactJS experience and Machine Learning skills.