We’re a group of individuals with a passion for global change through technology.

Our people are some of the best digital professionals in the world.
It’s true. We recruit SystemSeeders from the top 2% of global digital talent.

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Anthony Fox-Davies
Chief Executive Officer
Anthony has been with SystemSeed since 2012, and was Director of Operations for 5 years before becoming CEO in 2018. He has a deep knowledge of tech strategy and a passion for creating positive social impact.
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Evgeniy Maslovskiy
Chief Technology Officer
As well as being responsible for the direction and leadership of SystemSeed’s technical team, Ev is himself a highly accomplished developer with nearly 900 Drupal commits under his belt. He is also a regular speaker.
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Elise West
Head of UX
Elise has worked with major household brands and Fortune 10 companies, and now applies her considerable design thinking and user experience know-how to achieving the goals of SystemSeed’s clients.
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Tamsin Fox-Davies
Head of Growth
Tamsin is a business storyteller with a 20+ year career in marketing organisations of various sizes. She is a prolific speaker and regular writer, and like her brother, a huge fan of business agility.
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Mike Gyi
UX & Product Designer
Mike originally trained as an architect and then discovered a love for digital products. You can see his creativity and eye for detail in all of his projects - whether he's leading them or part of a wider team.
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Pavel Bulat
Senior Full Stack Engineer
A highly talented and dedicated developer, Pavel loves a good challenge. That’s why he’s part of some of our most complex projects. Between his skills and seemingly unlimited work power, our clients love his results.
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Alexey Beloglazov
Senior Full Stack Engineer
With broad experience across frontend and backend web development as well as DevOps, Alexey is the full package. He's a mathematician as well as a programmer by training, so is a dab hand with an algorithm too.
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Andrey Yurtaev
Technical Lead
Andrey is a brilliant developer and is fascinated by the way that technology is changing our lives. He loves open-source, created and maintains the Material Design theme for Drupal, and has a beer-tasting blog.
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Mihai Tigleanu
Mihai is an illustrator who finds inspiration in new places. He is always exploring techniques and styles for animation and 3D graphics and, outside work, loves to illustrate good news from around the world.
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Branimir Juranić
Full Stack Engineer
Branimir is passionate about creating pixel-perfect layouts and loves design & art. He has been working with Drupal since 2015 and is inspired by his family and nature. He also owns a blueberry farm!
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Marcus Bointon
Systems Administrator
Marcus is often the smartest person in the room when it comes to operating systems, networks, infosec and GDPR. He bridges the gap between technical and non-technical people and often influences the way our clients work.
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Freddie Greig
Company Secretary
Ex big-bank admin genius, Freddie keeps us on track. From contracts to accounts, she's our one-stop-shop for everything admin at SystemSeed. Freddie also makes the world better as a regular volunteer and source of positive vibes.
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Rosemary Bointon
Commercial Advisor
Rosemary looks after all of our legal agreements, making sure that they are fair for us and the other parties involved. She's a keen sailor and is also the Mum of Marcus, our Sys Admin.
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Kaci Vargas
Content Writer
Kaci is a writer and editor with a skill for creating clarity and cohesion. Dedicated to building a better world, she enjoys working with our social impact clients as well as building empowered communities in her local area.
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Bistra Atanasova
Learning Designer
Bistra is an experienced digital learning designer with a focus on the health sector. She uses instructional design principles to engage, inform and empower users to learn - and drive their organizations to succeed.
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Lucy Christmas
Learning Designer
Working extensively with international NGO clients on multi-lingual learning platforms, Lucy is a talented writer, editor and translator. She has a special interest in using language to make the world a better place, through inclusion, accessibility and compassion—one word at a time
Kate Marshalkina

For me, software development is about creativity. It's amazing to work in such a creative and friendly environment.  At SystemSeed, I try things, experiment with tools and overcome new challenges every day. Everything becomes possible.

Kate Marshalkina
Tech lead
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