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The world’s best Charity CMS.

What is Falcon?

Falcon is an off-the-shelf Drupal distribution for both small and large Charities alike. With over €1.5m of investment over 2 years it is now serving leading global charities (eg. Concern.net) and helping them bring in over €2m annually through digital. This is also increasing by 10% year on year, proving to be a key investment in their 3-5 year organisation plan.

Bleeding edge tech

This shouldn’t be a luxury for the richer, larger charities alone. Every charity deserves the power of Drupal 8 and ReactJS along with automated testing architecture and devops to make tech work it’s magic for you. We saw charities increase donations by over 40% in 1 quarter switching from old, tired technology to this tech stack.

Built as Open Source Software

There is no cost to get started and yet you get free upgrades and enhancements from the community as you use the software. Also, you are not tied to any single vendor.

Built to be extensible & flexible

You probably need the same core features that all charities need - a great donations system, CRM integration, news pages, landing pages and appeals management. It is the content and the other 10% of features that make your organisation unique. Falcon is built to let you focus on these and adapt anything under the hood to your liking.

Features and Details


Paypal, Stripe, Realex, Apple Pay payment gateways - all ready to go.


To bring social media traffic into the site, a rolling news cycle can be helpful. Falcon provides a news page and individual news post pages for each entry.


Management for adding, editing and archiving appeals in the admin console of the system. Tracing data of donations back to appeals and landing page CTAs to track effectiveness of campaigns.

Landing Pages

Each appeal can have a landing page for focused user attention on 1 cause. Remove distractions and increase conversions typically by 30%+.

Gift Shop

Product management for physical and virtual gifts. Linked to the same payment gateways and page management controls.

CRM Integrations

Our Falcon API is ready to plug into your existing CRM. There is no need to upend your whole IT infrastructure to get started with Falcon. Just install and integrate where it suits you.

Concern.net case study

In order to achieve all the requirements of Concern Worldwide site rebuild, we built Falcon, open source distribution for charities. Falcon is a decoupled distribution: it is powered by Drupal 8 on the backend and React on the frontend. We took the best out of two tech worlds to build powerful and customisable CMS for charities. Each Concern Worldwide region runs its own Falcon installation.

On the backend, Drupal 8 is used as a content hub and an API gateway. Out-of-the box Drupal capabilities allowed to provide secure and powerful content management tools with low effort. The previous version content (Drupal 7) of the website was migrated using Migrate module. Core REST API features were extended by Rest Entity Recursive, module that we built, to expose all necessary content, settings, and metadata to the frontend. To integrate Drupal Commerce with decoupled donation forms, we also had to build Commerce Decoupled Checkout and included it in Falcon distribution.

Concern body blocks

No more fighting with IT. Make technology work for you.


Get started quickly and easily

Either have your IT staff download and install from our Github repo, or email us at [email protected] to get your install performed by us.

Elena ava

SystemSeed is one of the best agencies I’ve worked with… They’re very flexible, and they understand what we need as an organization and translate it into a technical solution

- Elena Sarmiento

Head of Digital, Concern Worldwide UK

Our Pricing Plans.

Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of both beginners and players. Get the right plan that suits you.


Start Plan

€ 0

All the software - no charge.

    Get it here

    Setup Only

    € 500

    We install it, you run it. This option will suit organisations who have proactive technical teams internally and want to get stuck in themselves, or if you have a kick-ass vendor already.”


      Install, customise & support

      € Custom

      You are ambitious and have grand goals we can help you with. This is best for when you know there is technical development and design services needed along with annual support

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