Why you should love the world’s leading open-source framework like we do

Drupal is trusted by organisations such as the UN, the EU, national governments, academic institutions and Fortune 500 companies. We are proud to work with multiple clients like these to create great Drupal-based digital experiences.

SystemSeed has been building enterprise-tier sites with Drupal for over 10 years and we have 5,000+ Drupal commits under our belt. Our team are leaders in the Drupal community, regularly speaking at, hosting and sponsoring events in many countries.

Delivering excellence in Drupal development and hosting is what we’re all about.

  • Open-source
  • Free code
  • PHP-based
  • Well established
  • Trusted by the UN & governments
  • Vendor agnostic
Benefits of using Drupal
with SystemSeed
Faster builds

Thousands of developers around the world have contributed to Drupal distributions, modules, security patches and documentation. All of these are available for free, meaning that we don’t need to code everything for you from scratch. Drupal 8 Core is itself a packaged platform, coming with 200+ features out of the box.

Highly secure

Drupal is a mature, stable platform that has been designed with security as a priority. The Drupal Security Council oversees all issues of security, and the global community of Drupal developers are constantly fixing security issues as they are discovered.

Scalable & extensible

Drupal can support sites with constantly high levels of traffic, or just surges at any given time - in fact it’s used by some of the 100 busiest sites in the world. Drupal is also hugely extensible, with hundreds of APIs and integrations that already exist. Its architecture is such that developers should never end up hitting a wall that cannot be overcome.

Drupal experts

We’re not only specialists in Drupal and its applications across multiple industries, but digital strategists too. That means we don’t just build well, we build right. We combine our technical excellence with strategic business and user-focused acumen to create award-winning sites.

Drupal is fully responsive and integrates well with leading technologies

Easy content management

A powerful content editor with an easy user interface. Authoring permissions and editorial workflows. Changes and revisions easily tracked. You can even edit in Drupal from a mobile device.

Mobile first

Fully responsive, so mobile sites are created quickly and look great. User experience is seamless, whatever sort of device they’re on. Want a web application? Drupal can do that too.

API first

APIs (application programme interfaces) connect marketing technologies and other business applications together. Drupal is designed to connect your content to other sites, and your tools together.

Flexible architecture

Multimedia (text, images, video, pdfs, etc.), customisable menus, context-specific content displays, and content architecture that’s editable from the admin interface. Drupal makes it simple.


A single platform to manage multiple sites across your organisation, brands or locations. Create quickly and deploy easily.


Localisation works smoothly with Drupal. Installable in 94 languages. Translation workflows. Multiple admin languages. RTL (right to left) language content and admin interfaces.

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Concern Worldwide gains international reach with Drupal

Concern is a globally-active charity with a suite of sites that drive engagement, donations and gift purchases. We’ve been helping them deliver those activities using Drupal for the last 10 years. 

Managing millions of Euros in donations, contend with spikes of 500,000+ users at a time, and integrating with their other administrative systems, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is a big ask, but Drupal makes it easy.

Over our 10 year relationship with Concern, they’ve benefitted from the previous coding and development of the open-source community in reducing their costs, and are repaying that by allowing us to release much of the work we’ve done for them as Falcon, our CMS specifically for charities.

Concern Worldwide need their suite of sites to be super robust, highly secure, handle a lot of traffic, and also be easy for site admins to build pages and edit content. Drupal is the only framework that does all these things whilst being quick for us to build as well.

Kate Marshalkina
SystemSeed Tech Lead & PM for Concern Worldwide
Concern.net website screenshots
Editor experience demo
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