Christmas gingerbread stars

A Christmas present for all charities

As a social impact focused agency, we are keen to see things put to good use however that may be.

Over the past year we have been working on an Open Source, Drupal+ReactJS project called Falcon. This has started its life as a Gift Shop and is evolving into a full charity platform. We all know Open Source means free(!) so we are both giving away the software and a few hours of configuration assistance to get it installed and running for your charity.

In the spirit of Christmas and doing some good in the world we would like to offer a free trial to everyone, including:

  • 30 day hosting
  • Install on the host
  • Configuration of Stripe for payment processing
  • Configuration of your subdomain - eg.
  • Config of your admin users
  • Your logo in the top left of the store

The first dozen charities to sign up get an extra 5hrs of free support and training thrown in!

Before you ask what the catch is - we honestly just want to see people using the platform. If you love it then you can lean on us for support, if you want to enhance it we can do the design / development.

An added feature is free bug fix & feature enhancement updates (just as you are used to with phone apps) just as long as you continue running the platform with us.

Anyone interested can contact me on [email protected] and we’ll get you set up in time for the Christmas rush.

Kind regards,
Anthony Fox-Davies

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