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An introduction to Falcon

After 10yrs of experience serving the charity sector, SystemSeed wanted to challenge the premise that IT systems should be built bespoke per organisation. Even when using Open Source technologies this is often an overly expensive task and yet need not be that way. Given that conclusion, we decided to create an Open Source distribution based on Drupal dubbed "Falcon".

Falcon allows charities to install all of the core features charities commonly need while leveraging the entirely customisable Drupal framework to focus on their unique needs.

Falcon is entirely Open Source Software that we built following our significant experience in Drupal, which we chose to ensure its reliability, flexibility and security. Through a combination of researching the sector and working with our charity clients, we understood that having access to a competitive CMS adapted to this specific sector was necessary. With Falcon, even small and medium sized charities will benefit from an affordable, enterprise-grade system. Organisations that choose to migrate to Falcon can expect to see their efficiency and systems integrations enhanced thanks in part to the API-first architecture. In other words, the data will no longer be locked in any one place.

Falcon is also attractive to clients due to its community. From the moment it is installed, each organisation gets the same private version of Falcon that can be modified and adapted to its core activity according to their unique needs. As well as this, all improvements are shared with other charities in the Falcon community such as feature enhancements and bug fixes. Just a few of those such enhancements in our roadmap include CRM integrations, Events management, Android and Apple pay and more.

Reduced support and development costs through standardisation are central to our decision in building a community of charities that can build around this CMS, using the synergy principle.

We at SystemSeed strongly believe that UX, fundraising strategies, adaptive digital tools and web security should never be neglected by Charities for budget reasons.

If you are interested in hearing more about Falcon please contact us via [email protected] and book a call to speak with one of our team.

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