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ANU is here

After introducing our APIs-first Charity CMS “Falcon” earlier this year, we are now happy to present the Learning Management System (LMS) built for public and private sectors alike, named “Anu”.

This project evolved following the thoughts and ideas between our staff and partners. Together we agreed that education is key to every sector and geographic region and we all agreed on the fact that there should always be innovation in this area to make sure sure education is easier, effective and most of all: accessible to anyone by cutting geographic or financial barriers.

As a result, Anu is an engaging LMS, focused on social and impactful learning, all as Free Open Source Software.

With years of carefully considered UX and market research baked in, Anu allows educational institutes and corporations to replicate all the best parts of bricks & mortar organisations with no bespoke development needed.

Anu was built with:

  • Drupal 8 on the backend, benefitting from the strong community, software extensibility and security.
  • ReactJS on the frontend, benefitting from the flexible UX opportunities for your unique needs and adapted to all your device types through responsive design.

Anu is simple and intuitive, aiding in each user’s personal development through asynchronous social learning and collaboration.

We built Anu to answer special needs in the learning area. Building it as Open Source gives us hope regarding the opportunity to create a large community made of people convinced by the importance of learning.

If you are interested in knowing more you can checkout the following Demo video of Anu, you can also click on the following link in order to access the official Anu page: ANU.Community

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