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Our new tool that connects Pivotal Tracker, Forecast & Harvest is now in Beta. Sign up for free.

Clarity is now in open Beta and currently available for free.

Clarity connects Pivotal Tracker, Forecast, and Harvest together with magic glue to give you the data to make better project decisions.

Clarity benefits

Through Clarity, Pivotal Tracker sprint velocity is updated with time tracking data from Harvest, so you can see sprint efficiency at a glance. This supports sprint retrospectives and sprint planning.

Within the Clarity dashboard, you can also see how many story points were actioned during the sprint, how many billable hours were worked during the sprint, and which story labels apply to stories during the sprint as well.

Clarity also provides a place to save retro board screenshots to keep all your sprint data in one place.

Inside a Clarity project

Why Clarity

Like most businesses, we rely on several key tools to help us manage our projects, from time-tracking to capacity planning to task backlogs. Three of our favourites are Pivotal Tracker, Forecast and Harvest.

If you don't know what they are, here's a quick explanation:

  • Pivotal Tracker is a product management tool that allows you to set up task backlogs, prioritise actions, and assign activities to team members. It's a bit like Trello but more sophisticated.
  • Forecast is a time planner that allows you to schedule who will be working on what across your organisation. You can set time budgets and Forecast will tell you how those budgets are being used.
  • Harvest is a time-tracker for projects that links nicely to Forecast. It tells you where your team's time goes on a daily basis and also how much time each project is using up.

Once you join these tools together, their value becomes much greater than the sum of their parts. You gain deeper insight into your past project sprints; can make better decisions about future project sprints; and more easily decide where to allocate your people's time. 

What we want from Beta users

We want feedback from our free Beta users. Let us know how you find Clarity and how much of a difference it makes to your project and people management. 

It won't be free forever though, so grab your free Clarity account soon. Once you've registered, we'll be in touch to help you get started.

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