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SystemSeed mental health projects featured in Scientific American

Our projects for the World Health Organisation are making waves

The SystemSeed team is very pleased to see our EQUIP (Ensuring Quality in Psychological Support) and Step-By-Step projects mentioned in this Scientific American article.

These are two of the four projects we are currently working on with the WHO which use our ANU LMS learning platform.

ANU is a Drupal-based learning management system (LMS) specifically designed for mobile-device use that functions extremely well in areas of low internet and mobile connectivity and on low-spec devices. This means that these projects can help to reach people in low and middle-income countries around the world because the technology barrier to entry is also low. 

As a social impact-focused agency, it really matters to us that our projects make a difference in the world. As mental health support is so hard to access for many people in need of help, we're proud to provide the tools that can help solve this problem.

Anthony Fox-Davies
CEO, SystemSeed

Both the EQUIP and Step-By-Step projects involve multiple expert and delivery partners including academics from George Washington University and high-impact charities such as WarChild. These teams bring together the latest peer-reviewed approaches with on-the-ground experience of the situations in which this support is most needed.

To learn more about EQUIP, see our client story.


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