Social impact organization: Concern Worldwide

Welcome the new mobile ready

When working for clients you love, the primary objective is to go above and beyond, enrich the relationship and deliver something you are both truly proud of.

Well we love working with Concern Worldwide and have just launched the latest iteration of their website we built in Drupal 7 just a short time ago.

Concern have a strict budget to stick to as they know donors want as much of their donation to reach the people in those most disastrous situations around the world. They currently manage to do all of their amazing work with only 9.1% of income to cover staff costs, marketing, IT, legal and accounting needs and much more. Without the investment in these areas they simply could not do what they strive to achieve - making the world a better place.

Everyone and their grandad now has a smartphone and we love them to bits. People feel genuinely attached to their digital devices and lost without them. That is why it was so essential for Concern to tap into the mobile user experience. It was a simple choice to invest a small amount of resources to aid in raising the most amount of money possible for the charity, giving them a very positive Return On Investment in the process.

As the site had already been built with Drupal and used a flexible parent theme at the core of it’s frontend, we knew this was a great premise to achieve an enhanced mobile user experience and allow Concern to engage with their audience wherever and whenever they had their devices with them.

Their site now supports both tablet and mobile users in their own unique ways, has a revised signup process for joining fundraising events on Show Your Concern.

If you are interested in this case study please head over to where this has been published. You can also download a copy from us here.

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