Q1 2017 - New year = new technologies

Anthony Fox-DaviesFebruary 28th, 2017
Published in Business
Q1 2017 - New year = new technologies
What lies beyond "just Drupal"?

Late last year we blogged about the SystemSeed company trip to Minsk in order to work, bond and be merry. Each were achieved in equal degrees and we came away with revitalised enthusiasm for our work and a shift in what exactly that work would contain.

I’m happy to announce today a turning point at SystemSeed where we will begin to offer service beyond solely Drupal development. For the past 7 years+ we have branded ourselves as Drupal Enthusiasts™ but times change and we must all keep up, not with trends but an ever-moving landscape.


From Nov 2016 we have been developing with ReactJS and NodeJS as well as Drupal backend micro-services on internal projects. From Feb 2017 we starting rolling our this new stack to client projects that will benefit from it.

We aim to provide much of this work back the open source communities through Drupal.org and through our SystemSeed Github account in order to help support others who wish to benefit from this code and allow others to support us in our move to embrace the latest, greatest technologies.

Our first client project to embrace this change will include:

  • New and exciting payment methods! :O
  • API-first micro-services across the backend.
  • Public accessible API design as standard, for public consumption as the client permits.
  • Fully decoupled ReactJS & NodeJS frontend GUIs.
  • API versioning. Eg, the ability to turn on site upgrades per micro-service between separate sites running the same distribution (note - not distro-wide upgrades, but a custom mix of individual micro-service upgrades) 
  • Health Monitoring dashboards as standard checking:
    • All micro-services.
    • All regression and unit tests (live and multi-dev)
  • Admin UX discovery to drive intuitive CRUD of systems data.
  • Enhanced Devops (per multi-dev build)
    • Automated high % test coverage of all code written
    • Automated documentation for code
    • Automated security checks within CI 
    • Automated open source upgrade checks within CI
    • Automated performance checks within CI
    • High sensitivity alerts to cover downtime or performance issues

This really is just the tip of the iceberg and as we open source our new toolset we’ll give a deeper insight into what strategy was followed and how everyone may benefit from this work.