SystemSeed do Minsk

Anthony Fox-DaviesNovember 30th, 2016
Published in Events
SystemSeed do Minsk
Our team together again!

If you haven’t noticed from our Twitter feed this week we’ve flown the team to Minsk in Belarus to socialise, eat, drink and be merry while maybe taking in a little culture and even some work(!)

One of the first things that we all notice when the team get together is you can’t hug someone over Skype… you can’t make the other person a cup of tea, or complain about the same weather.

While distributed teams can pick the world’s finest global talent as far as timezones and personal or client flexibility allows, meeting in person is a necessary task to undertake on a regular basis. It’s not essential that everyday is spent this way and removing the ability to choose from only your local talent, or those willing to relocate is not the most sensible choice in our modern era of collaborative tools and communication methods. We’d still much rather be distributed but greatly appreciate these times together.

We’ll continue to blog through the week and Tweet some extras as they are happening.

From all of us in our temporary Minsk HQ - have a fun and productive day and if you are sat next to a colleague give them a hug or make them a cup of tea. Not all teams can enjoy this luxury every day of their work life.