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New client story: How the University of Zurich addresses impact investors

Moving from Wordpress and rethinking investor needs with a new UX strategy 

There are many reasons that an organisation might want to move from Wordpress to Drupal, and scalability and security are usually at the top of the list. This was the case for the University of Zurich when they were rethinking their impact investment hub.

The University has a strong sustainability and positive impact mission, so we were happy to help when they asked us to look at their Impact Database site and develop a new concept for it.

New learning resources page for the University of Zurich

We created a new strategy, UX, design and MVP (minimum viable product) for the site.

MVP creation is a core part of how we work. It's a vertical slice of the full product that gets finished first. This means that the 'slice' contains one or more functional features that a user can interact with to do what they need it to do. 

This is useful for testing with real users, and also provides the client with an early result that they can put into action as quickly as they like. 

Vertical slicing

Want to know more?

Read the full story of the University of Zurich's Impact Database redesign and MVP here

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