SystemSeed do Minsk

Our team together again!
SystemSeed do Minsk
Anthony Fox-DaviesNovember 30th, 2016
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If you haven’t noticed from our Twitter feed this week we’ve flown the team to Minsk in Belarus to socialise, eat, drink and be merry while maybe taking in a little culture and even some work(!)

One of the first things that we all notice when the team get together is you can’t hug someone over Skype… you can’t make the other person a cup of tea, or complain about the same weather.

How UNC achieved a multi-site search using Feeds and SearchAPI

It's multi faceted...
JoachimSeptember 14th, 2016
Published in Drupal

Handling clients with more than one site involves lots of decisions. And yet, it can sometimes seem like ultimately all that doesn’t matter a hill of beans to the end-user, the site visitor. They won’t care whether you use Domain module, multi-site, separate sites with common codebase, and so on. Because most people don’t notice what’s in their URL bar. They want ease of login, and ease of navigation. That translates into things such as the single sign-on that uses, and common menus and headers, and also site search: they don’t care that it’s actually sites search, plural, they just want to find stuff.

DrupalCon Barcelona - Day 2 Overview

Here’s our quick overview of the second day at DrupalCon Barcelona.
DrupalCon Barcelona - Day 2 Overview
Anthony Fox-DaviesSeptember 24th, 2015
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Designers and developers learn plenty of best practices and techniques to get the most out of their websites. From A/B testing to Heat Maps we constantly progress through a course of combined understanding as to how to build the best possible site.

We have come to know more than just basic layout strategies in combination with good information architecture. We now know that the users of the web are affected by basic, general psychology just as in the real world.

Yesterday’s keynote from Nathalie Nahai explained just this.

DrupalCon Barcelona - Day 1 Overview

Here’s our quick overview of the first day at DrupalCon Barcelona.
DrupalCon Barcelona - Day 1 Overview
Anthony Fox-DaviesSeptember 22nd, 2015
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We didn’t make it to the PreNote as it was crazy early for the laid back city to accept, but the KeyNote Dries gave was very honest about Drupal’s current obstacles.

“We should talk about that”

Was the mantra for the issues the community will face in the upcoming Drupal 8 adoption and subsequent migrations. It’s refreshing to have such critical reflection on our own projects. We shouldn’t pat ourselves for our successes but instead focus on where we need to improve.

DrupalCon Barcelona

The 101 guide to the city
DrupalCon Barcelona
Anthony Fox-DaviesSeptember 21st, 2015
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SystemSeed have donned our sunglasses and headed to the wonderful city of #Barcelona along with a few thousand other Drupal enthusiasts for DrupalCon 2015.

Coinciding with the conference’s dates is the city’s incredible La Merce (or “Fiesta Major”) festival - a huge event that spans all neighbourhoods (or ”barrios”) where you can expect the whole city to be celebrating.

If you are going to be in the city for DrupalCon or for La Merce, check out our guide on how to get around the city and what do while you’re here.

Why We Pay our Drupalers to Relocate to their Dream Destination

Anthony Fox-DaviesJuly 9th, 2015
Published in Business

A special note:

SystemSeed, a multinational Drupal agency is once again growing! Because this role is so critical to the team, we would like to leave no stone unturned. Also, because every one of our team members is critical to the success of the team as a whole, we are doing something different.

At SystemSeed, we have always been a completely distributed team - enabling our teammates to do their best work from anywhere in the world. We’ve found that sort of flexibility helps people explore their ambitions, whether that be career development, personal development, or simply seeing the world without letting their “job” get in the way.

From Campfire to Slack

How and why we migrated
Anthony Fox-DaviesOctober 7th, 2014
Published in DevOps

We’re a distributed development agency so our staff are located across the globe, each bringing their unique skills and culture together culminating in our excellent team.

We rely on tools that help make our communication as easy and pleasant as possible, as that communication is paramount to a successful distributed team.

SystemSeed team off to Amsterdam

for DrupalCon and a team get together
Anthony Fox-DaviesJuly 17th, 2014
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The world can often seem to rush by and if you don’t stop to smell the roses you can miss it.

In the coming months we at SystemSeed will be “going back to our roots” so to speak and attending DrupalCon Amsterdam from September 29th to Oct 3rd.

Welcome the new mobile ready

Anthony Fox-DaviesJuly 8th, 2014
Published in Design

When working for clients you love, the primary objective is to go above and beyond, enrich the relationship and deliver something you are both truly proud of.

Well we love working with Concern Worldwide and have just launched the latest iteration of their website we built in Drupal 7 just a short time ago.

The New Leadership Competency = Character Filtering

Anthony Fox-DaviesJuly 4th, 2014
Published in Business

You may have heard the saying, “Surround yourself with the best people you can find.” It’s a quote from President Reagan in 1986, which is fairly intuitive until you dissect those words. Having founded and co-founded a few businesses, I find myself constantly challenging the idea of who the best are that I can surround myself with as our teams take on real business needs.

As I sit back and evaluate those individuals I have surrounded myself with in the past, the one constant with those who I consider “the best” is high character. It may seem like a no-brainer to insinuate that high character is important, but unfortunately many don’t seem to put as much weight on character as they do other measuring sticks. Give me a high character, hard-working teammate who is eager to learn and wants to create value all day long. You’d be surprised how few and far between these types of individuals are. When you find them, you fight for them.