Can services adopt the future of devops?

Anthony Fox-DaviesDecember 1st, 2016
Published in DevOps

Startups and products can move faster than agencies that serve clients as there is no feedback loops and manual QA steps by an external authority that can halt a build going live.

One of the roundtable discussions that popped up this week while we’re all in Minsk is that agencies which practice Agile transparently as SystemSeed do see a common trade-off. CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) isn’t quite possible as long as you have manual QA and that lead time baked-in.

From Campfire to Slack

How and why we migrated
Anthony Fox-DaviesOctober 7th, 2014
Published in DevOps

We’re a distributed development agency so our staff are located across the globe, each bringing their unique skills and culture together culminating in our excellent team.

We rely on tools that help make our communication as easy and pleasant as possible, as that communication is paramount to a successful distributed team.