How UNC achieved a multi-site search using Feeds and SearchAPI

It's multi faceted...
JoachimSeptember 14th, 2016
Published in Drupal

Handling clients with more than one site involves lots of decisions. And yet, it can sometimes seem like ultimately all that doesn’t matter a hill of beans to the end-user, the site visitor. They won’t care whether you use Domain module, multi-site, separate sites with common codebase, and so on. Because most people don’t notice what’s in their URL bar. They want ease of login, and ease of navigation. That translates into things such as the single sign-on that uses, and common menus and headers, and also site search: they don’t care that it’s actually sites search, plural, they just want to find stuff.

Tom talking Panopoly

Anthony Fox-DaviesFebruary 6th, 2014
Published in Drupal

If you hadn’t heard on Twitter or our Facebook page, our very own Tom Kirkpatrick (SystemSeed’s co-founder and rockstar developer) will be appearing on the Modules Unraveled podcast today at 4pm GMT.

Getting to Panopoly 1.0 and beyond!

Anthony Fox-DaviesNovember 24th, 2013
Published in Drupal

Panopoly is a Drupal base distribution that provides a solid and robust starting point for those wanting to build their own Drupal websites and distributions. The Panopoly project was started by Pantheon’s Matt Cheney and its really beginning to taking off. There are many major distributions moving to it (such as OpenAcademy and OpenAtrium) and more new ones picking it up all the time. The idea of a distribution to build distributions has clearly struck a chord!